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    paul marshall:

    Hi Thankyou for a great night at your place and [...]

    Tim Polk:

    Visited in May of 2010! Thank you Jasmin and Flora! [...]

    Randy Frye:

    Visited in August 2007......Had a great time with friends [...]

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    European football championship 2012             Donnerstag, 7. Juni

    All matches live at Hooters Zurich!


    New menu card             Dienstag, 29. Mai

    We are pleased to present you our new menu card.


    Souvenir promotion             Dienstag, 29. Mai

    Now: 50% discount on selected souvenirs


    Hooters Calendar 2012             Dienstag, 29. Mai

    Very hot!


    Hooters Switzerland @ Facebook             Montag, 5. Juli

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