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    About us

    What is Hooters?

    Regarding the name, some say it is a slang description for a sophisticated part of the female anatomy. Others again say Hooters is another word for an owl.
    If you tried to answer by trying to create an objective definition, you could probably give the following answer: Hooters is a restaurant chain of US American origin with approximately 500 locations worldwide (whereas more than 90% of the stores are located within the US and Canada) that mainly consists of two elements: moderately priced, but high quality US-American Cuisine and the famous Hooters Girls.

    Of course, all of these answers fall short of the truth. On one hand, next to the American Cuisine we offer some partly seasonal European Cuisine specials, on the other hand, we offer American and European Breakfasts and daily Lunch Specials.

    The famous Hooters Girls in their also famous orange hot pants symbolize the vision of the ideally typical American surfer girl, thus being a part of a dream world and an exciting part of Hooters that should not be underestimated. But at the same time they take care of our guests and with their personality and friendliness they are the true character of Hooters.
    The original founders of Hooters had the following vision when they opened their first Hooters in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida: They wanted to create a restaurant in which they could enjoy good food and the company of friendly and attractive women, have fun and be accepted just the way they were. According to their own description, the original founders were six local business men who in terms of attractiveness were clearly below average and had no idea about the restaurant business either, but wanted stir up the industry with their idea. As you can imagine, this idea was not embraced by the authorities and all fellow citizens. Therefore, the founders on their way to success had to overcome several obstacles and substantial opposition. The summit of all of this was when they got arrested for identity fraud. Of course, these rather pitiful displays of resistance would not lead the founders off their path, on the contrary. Challenged to take the bull by its horns, Hooters over the years has grown to a company of respectable size.

    You may wonder what makes the Hooters concept successful. We believe that the main reason lies in the underlying values on which the idea of Hooters is built. From scratch, Hooters being unconventional and different was meant to provoke, to make people think and not to exclude anyone, to be a resort for people that thought equally or differently. Hooters was never meant to be open to just an elite few. On the contrary, Hooters was meant to be open to all kinds of persons not making any difference in terms of sex, race, origins, wealth, religion, political opinion, age etc. From the early beginning, Hooters was fighting unnecessary formalisms. It wanted to create something easy going and uncomplicated. Mainly unconventional thinkers should be well welcomed at Hooters. Everybody should feel comfortable at Hooters. This way of thinking also known as the melting pot philosophy roots in the early days of US American history, when the expelled and outlawed from European society settled and united overseas to become a community to pursue their common interests and ideas and thus to create a better world at least for themselves. In the dark hours of despair they stood together led by a common vision, the force of willpower and a collective motivation never witnessed before. On the other hand, this environment was very beneficial to the development of some elementary values such as equality, tolerance, acceptance, communication, reduction of unnecessary formalism, open mindedness, respect and freedom of thought. The rest is history. Ironically, substantial parts of these values mainly developed by a minority would later have a significant impact on the European society and, most of all, significantly influence most constitutions.

    These early American values, from which almost all of the essential underlying values of Hooters can be derived, are still alive today. The concept of Hooters is based on spreading these elementary values in a tackily exaggerated, almost surreal shell. This approach has been chosen because it is very eminent and most persons can be reached this way. Hooters creates some sort of vacation spirit and ease related to a dream world. Through exactly this exageration Hooters intends to make people think about its core sense and idea. This inevitably leads back to the aforementioned basic values. This is why we can say proudly that the surface of Hooters as well as its core are something good und just.

    Where else are there Hooters Restaurants in Switzerland?

    At this time, there are two more Hooters Restaurants other than Hooters Zurich: Hooters of Interlaken opened on December 15, 2001, and Hooters of Thun opened on June 24, 2005. More Hooters Restaurants are in planning. For more information please see www.swisshooters.com.

    How did Hooters Switzerland all come about?

    The first Hooters Restaurant under the guidance of Hooters Switzerland was the Hooters of Interlaken. The very remarkable story of how it all came about can be found on the Hooters Interlaken website.